Global Connections Serve Those in Need in Mexico

Cancun, MX: Expressions of joy and relief were the rewards of Knights of Columbus from Edmonton, Alberta’s St. Peter’s Council during a recent mobility mission. Through a partnership with their Mexican brothers, the “Caballeros De Colon,” 60 brand new wheelchairs reached those in great need in Cancun.

Following a blessing of the wheelchairs the Knights had the opportunity to meet some of the people whose futures would be forever changed through their gifts of mobility.

Visiting Cancun’s only public hospital serving a region of 1.2 million people, the Knights quickly came to realize how much their help was appreciated. Accepting the wheelchairs with deep gratitude, the Medical Director shared that these were the first ones the hospital had ever received.

At a local rehabilitation centre there was palpable excitement among the recipients when the wheelchairs arrived. As Richard Rajotte, the Council Wheelchair Program Chair observed, “It was an incredible sight to see one of the men hopping toward me, on one leg without crutches or anyone supporting him.” People of all ages traveled there to take part, including a mother of a 3 year old who she had carried everywhere since birth.

Through the heartfelt generosity of the Knights of St. Peter’s Council and their Cancun brothers, many lives were profoundly impacted with hope for the future.


The Canadian Wheelchair Foundation is an independent Canadian registered charity with the goal to deliver brand new, free wheelchairs to persons with physical disabilities throughout the world who are without mobility or the means to acquire a wheelchair. With a strong focus on developing and newly industrialized states, the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation continues to change the lives of people and communities with a gift that extends hope, dignity, opportunity and independence to all.