Strategic Plan

At a Glance

American physician and writer, John Andrew Holmes shared his wisdom with these indelible words:

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

The Canadian Wheelchair Foundation is grounded in the passion for lifting up people and their communities by improving personal mobility for those who lack the necessary resources or access to the tools they require. Through strategic partnerships with prominent, reliable destination-based humanitarian organizations, mobility aids are gifted to individuals with the greatest need in areas around the world.


The Canadian Wheelchair Foundation (“CWF”) is an independent, registered non-profit organization founded in late 2002 under the leadership of its current Executive Director, Christiana Flessner.

CWF was formed with 3 key strategic intents in mind:

  • Raising awareness of the needs and abilities of people with physical disabilities
  • Delivering mobility into the lives of children, teens and adults who have no means to acquire a wheelchair
  • Transforming lives through mobility and with it giving to all those deprived of it, independence, dignity, hope and opportunity

The World Health Organization identified wheelchairs as one of the most effective tools for assisting people with disabilities to become more productive members of their communities. Providing free, good quality wheelchairs to individuals and organizations in need has been CWF’s principal focus. Since inception CWF has delivered over 39,000 wheelchairs in 41 countries, positively impacting an estimated 375,000 lives.

As CWF approached its tenth year the leaders undertook to re-assess the strategic direction, systems and resource needs of the organization. The aim was to review and improve CWF’s infrastructure and increase the funding platform to grow and enhance its charitable programs.

Strategic Direction

The Mission, Vision and Values of the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation as described here form the foundation upon which decisions have been made for achieving its future plans. Ensuring organizational sustainability and growing the positive impact of its core services are the overarching strategic goals that CWF seeks to accomplish in the near term.

Through the strategic planning process it was confirmed that CWF’s mission will be focused on expanding its two current charitable programs as it moves forward. Key strategic goals have been identified in four result areas to support the stated vision and mission of the foundation. A summary of the overall strategic plan can be viewed by clicking on this link.