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Upcoming Mobility Projects

The Canadian Wheelchair Foundation has a number of mobility projects underway with its partners on an ongoing basis. Please click on the links below for details regarding these initiatives. If you would like to find out more about how to become involved, please contact us.

Upcoming Wheelchair Distributions

These projects have sponsorship funding in place, and the destination country and recipients have been identified. The wheelchairs are in various stages of manufacturing or shipping and opportunities may exist for participation in the upcoming distribution trip.

Projects Currently Underway

Sponsors have commenced these projects and are working to assemble the required resources. The sponsors may be seeking partners to support the planned distribution and opportunities may exist for participation in the upcoming delivery.

Projects Seeking Partners

Lead sponsors and/or recipients have been identified for distributions to these destination countries. Partners are being sought to work with a team to help execute the project.

Proposed Projects

Interest has been expressed in developing wheelchair distributions to these destination countries by either recipients or sponsors. Support is being sought at all levels to help launch the overall project.








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